Wesley Fourie


I never really wanted to do much else but kitesurf when I first learned the sport almost 12 years ago. To own my own kite school make my dream to do something I love even more exciting for me. I hope that your kiting Journey is going to be as exciting as mine has been. See you in the Water.

Phone:+27 (0) 73 071 3878

Maike Holz

Office manger for Germany and SA

Maike is part of our Summer Team here in South Africa and Partner in our German office based in Munich. She is extremely passionate about Kitesurfing and travelling. Please feel free to contact her for any thing you may need regarding lessons or information on coming to stay with us.

Phone: SA +27 (0) 73 071 3878

Renier Olivier


Renier has been with Constantly Kiting since the beginning. Not only is he a great instructor but a fantastic kiteboarder. If you ever get the change to just watch him ride, you will see just why Kiteboarding is such a big part of his life.

Phone: +27 (0) 73 071 3878