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The Perfect Langebaan STORM

Thursday, 09 August 2012 by

35 to 45 Knots plus is what we can expect from this day, With a swell in the center of Langebaan Lagoon that can only mean a great day of Sailing ahead for kiters brave enough to battle the elements of what Saturday the 11 of August 2012 will bring. I’m excited and nervous all

Kitesurfing lesson in Shark Bay

Thursday, 24 November 2011 by

Learning to Kitesurfing in South Africa or learning to Kitesurfing in Shark Bay In Langebaan for that matter could be a better experience for anyone wanting to come up and start to learn the sport. Here at Constantly Kiting we offer all our Course option to our beginner and advanced riders in Shark Bay, situated


Wednesday, 09 November 2011 by

FRIENDS OF SHARK BAY APPEAL Friends of Langebaan would have noticed the recent erection of signage on the “white road” linking Langebaan with Shark Bay Beach at both the Farmhouse Hotel and Park Drive ends indicating that the road is “closed” as a provincial road. This road was originally proclaimed as a provincial road in

Shark Bay Open to Kitesurfers or not.

Thursday, 06 October 2011 by

With the season just in front of us and not having got down to Shark Bay in Langebaan since I’ve been back in Cape Town. I decide to go have a look this morning and was completely blown back. Coming over the hill i tried to approach the entrance to Shark Bays white road as

I always get asked as to why people should take kitesurfing lessons in Langebaan, South Africa. It’s not very difficult to explain. Langebaan, South Africa is home to so much Kiteboarding. Every year hundreds of water sports- man and women come from all over the world to join the many great locals in what has

WHERE ARE OUR BEACHES : After living in Langebaan for close to 14 years now, it is sad to say we have almost nothing left of our town that made me stay and want to live here. When I arrived here in March 1998, the town was a well run place, with big expansive beaches