Private Kitesurfing Lessons

Each course offers a different level to which you can progress to and is not limited to skill level. If you are only seeking a one day course, the course will be adjusted to your level of kiteboarding. Please note that if you have had previous experience, a small assessment will be done in order to determine your level.

Your booking a 5 Hour day when booking the Private course. This course is discounted to maximise both yours and our teaching time and should you decide to stop the lesson before the 5 hours is up they price will remain the same. Should YOU decide the stop the lessons with in three for the lesson starting we will revert back to the standard hourly rate. See here…

One Day Private Course
R2800 5 Hour Course Includes all equipment
R560 Per Hour
  • 1 day of kitesurfing, 5hrs
  • Only 1 student to 1 instructor
  • Focused on a great introduction to kitesurfing
  • All equipment provided
  • Radio communication
  • Boat rescue service
  • Focus on IKO level 1
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Constantly Kiting’s Private Courses are top class. This is a great way to get into the sport quicker. The Private Course is not just for those wanting to do a Beginners Course , it’s a course you can join as a rider wanting to progress. The Private Course is not limiting and is flexible for beginners and advanced riders.

We have come to learn over the last few years of teaching that Private Kitesurfing Lessons “1-2-1″ will always be a great way to learn Kitesurfing. Most of our customers are more than happy to book us on a day when the conditions are just right. We felt the need to expand on the new Private Course, Calling it ” The Focus Course” dew to it’s high demand for students wanting the extra time and hands on approach.

The “Focus Course” not only is an extension on the Day 1 & 2 course but a more, well focused way of teaching students to learn in a more private way.

Not only did the course allow us to teach students, but help us to find ways to help students who have previously had a bad experience with kiting, fitness problems or have had injury in the past. More and more people are requesting this course from us for these reasons.

We’ve run the Private Course now for the last few years with great success. All we’ve done now is extended on it to find the best ways to deal with the student’s individual needs. We train instructor that joins us to find the best ways to deal with the students on a more personal level. Knowing more about you and your previous sports and history in sport gives us the edge in many ways.

With all your gear is provided for your lesson for the day along side making sure that all your kitesurfing needs are catered for. The Focus Course doesn’t have to be a one Day Deal, should you feel the need to want to do more with us, we can arrange accommodation for you. Look at some of the pictures below to see a little about how the day will run.


Two Day Private Course
R5600 10 Hour Course Includes all equipment
R560 Per Hour ‘ Recommened for Beginners “ 
  • 2days of kitesurfing, 5hrs per day
  • Only 1 student to 1 instructor
  • Focused on learning the basics of board starts
  • All equipment provided
  • Radio communication
  • Boat rescue service
  • Focus on IKO level 1 & 2
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This is simply an extension of the first day private course and we will continue from where we have left off.

Our 1-2-1 course are designed to push you the little harder to get the best results without taking away from your safety. The Private kitesurfing course can move at a much quicker pace than the beginners group course. But only due to the time that’s spent with the instructor. When visitors to Langebaan have limited time to learn and want to get as much done as they can, Private kitesurfing lessons are always the way forward. You will always find us recommending the 1-2-1 course for our clients.

Kitsurfing lessons LangebaanIMG_1112Kitesurfing lessons South Africa

Learning to Kitesurf in Langebaan, South Africa with a personal 1-2-1 trainer will be fore sure a fantastic learning day for you. Langebaan is by far one of the safest places to learn the sport as well as to improve your skills as a kite boarder. Not having to be contending with the waves like you would in Cape town makes it a great place to learn.

Kitsurfing lessons LangebaanIMG_1129Kitesurfing lessons South Africa

Three Day Private Course
R7800 15 Hour Course Includes all equipment
R520 Per Hour 
  • 3 days of kitesurfing, 5hrs per day
  • Only 1 student to 1 instructor
  • Focused on improving your kitesurfing skills
  • All equipment provided
  • Radio communication
  • Boat rescue service
  • Focusing on completing IKO level 1 & 2
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For 2015/2016 season we introduce the new three day private kite surfing course. Private kite surfing lessons have been a massive success when it comes to learning the sport quickly and without hesitation or being hampered by second person with you on the course. The three day private kite surfing course is all about taking your time learning property without being under pressure. The course includes everything that you need including audio cuts roofing equipment safety gear and wetsuit. The private kite surfing course is simply an extension of the first two days which you would’ve done with us already. You can either book online with us now or contact us for more information.

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You will for sure enjoy the schools and all the benefits that come along with learning safely and quickly without feeling like you are under time pressure.

What some of our Private clients had to say.

  • Wesley and his team have tonnes of enthusiasm and energy and were very prepared to run tirelessly up and down the beach after their students. This is really reassuring to his clients. Thanks Mate. We had a bunch of fun and looking forward to kite with you guys in the future.
    Lucy Deakin: London, England
  • Wes went out of his way to make our South African kitesurfing experience come true. From kite demos to supplying new gear. Great local knowledge bar tricks and braai, As well as his trusty Uno transport system. All round a fantastic time. Thanks a bunch Wes.
    Thomas Weiss, Germany
  • Wes’s kite experience shows through when teaching by going beyond a formula to teach, Adapting his technique & exercises to get you up on the board. Beyond the lessons he’s keeping an eye on you and passing on tips. Plus good local knowledge. Thanks for everything Wes.
    Katherine Bruce, England
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